My Projects

I have worked on various webmaster, web design and programming tasks in my free time, for friends and acquaintances as extra-curricular work.

Most of it is un-paid 'for the love' work, but I am always determined to try and deliver a professional-like result.

Portfolio projects are listed loosely in reverse-chronological, with the newest projects at the top. This list is also just a sample of projects and not a complete museum of lifetime projects - more may be added soon!

You might notice a bit of a trend with some (or all) of the projects listed below, in that they're all related to pony in some form. Check the about page if you're wondering why.


Midwest Brony Fest

Midwest Brony Fest is a My Little Pony themed convention hosted in Kansas City, Missouri. I agreed to provide a website for them for convention news and information.

The website features a homepage, content pages, a news system and a forum. Feature pages are regularly changed as new announcements are made.

It is built using OctoberCMS, which is powered by Laravel on top of PHP.

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Ponyville FM

PonyvilleFM started as BronyRadio in 2010 and is now the longest-running online radio service for fans of MLP.

I designed and developed the new PonyvilleFM website that launched in Autumn 2014 and features on the site to this day.

It is built on the Laravel 5 PHP Framework, and displays Radio Meta-data, radio schedules, team member profiles and news posts.

The website also features a custom-written back-end to enable team members to update the schedules, profiles and news.


UK of Equestria

UK of Equestria started in December 2011 as a merger between two regional groups of fans who combined their efforts to start a shared community.

I continue to be involved in the upkeep and management of the community, including development of a software extension that tracks member attendance of public events and functions.

The community continues to thrive and has had more than 5,000 registrations.

The website is an interactive social community, built on top of the XenForo community software.


Other previous projects

XenForo Extensions

I use (or have used) XenForo community software as part of websites I have created or been a part of. Some of these sites warranted bespoke features or functionality - in response, I have scripted some extensions to the XenForo software to try and accomodate these features.

Some of the plugins I have written include:

  • An attendance tracking system (like Eventbrite).
  • A game server status checker and remote rebooter, coupled with action auditing.
  • A game player names and playtime tracking database.
  • A bespoke player banning and historical ban database to tie-in with Garry's Mod.

XenForo takes advantage of MVC (Model View Controller) and Object-Oriented programming, which makes it great to customise.


Sourceauth was a hobby project to create a database-powered access and authentication system for games powered by the Source Engine (e.g. Team Fortess, CounterStrike, etc.)

The software was able to permit access to registered users and authorised guests, without the need of a server password.

The project is no longer publicly available, but remnants of the project may be obtained on request.

Alteran Labs

The original Alteran Labs was a community forum for fans of the Stargate franchise. It was one of my first properly-hosted websites and my first experience using PHP software and MySQL databases.

The community ceased operation in 2007 as members of the community went their own ways.

Curriculum Vitae and Professional work

You can see my professional employment history on my LinkedIn Profile.